AGNORA Employee Health & Wellness Project

Project Description

“Most people spend more time at work than they do with their families. Our objective is to keep our employees happy. If they’re healthy and happy they’ll perform better & their personal lives will be more harmonious.”
– AGNORA President, Richard Wilson

AGNORA has taken a holistic approach to health & wellness by investing in activities and equipment that will benefit employees’ physical and mental wellbeing.

This includes

  • An on-site, personal trainer with weekly 1:1 sessions, plus regular engagement in activities such as fitness & yoga classes and monthly fitness challenges.
  • A full-time, on-site, registered massage therapist who focuses on neuromuscular therapy.
  • A family practitioner who visits the plant once a week to see staff as needed.
  • A fully equipped gym with over 30 pieces of exercise equipment, spin bikes & yoga studio
  • A Wallyball court (think volleyball meets squash). The staff play in multiple tournaments throughout the year & regular informal pickup games.
  • AGNORA bicycles for lunchtime cycles, and weekly guided tours.
  • For mental well-being, there are indoor & outdoor lounge areas, ping pong, TVs & fireplaces in the employee rest areas.
  • The AGNORA garden, where employees can take advantage of various vegetables & herbs.
  • Weekly rotation of gardening duties allow employees to enjoy time in nature & also opportunity for education on healthy eating.

While our social opportunities are varied, they are generally team-based and where possible involve AGNORA employees interacting with our local community. Examples include regular Wallyball pickup games, horseshoe and bowling nights, SUP Boarding & Hiking


200 Mountain Road, Collingwood, ON

Project Goal

To date, AGNORA has accomplished the following results:

• Increased participation in the wellness program
• Benefits costs reduced by 25% & 0 lost-time claims
• 10% increase in the number of employees regularly visiting the on-site massage therapist
• Just under 40% of employees are having regular personal-training sessions since the trainer was hired in November 2015.
• 62% of employees visited the on-site doctor in the last year.
• Reduction in missed work as employees can often be treated on site & return to work
• Currently 95% of employees participate in at least one of these wellness or social activities.

Our goal is to continue with similar results and to increase the % of employee participation to 100%

Current and Needed Partners


This project hopes to engage: 75 participants.

Date and Time

Start Date: 01/10/2016
End Date:

Time of Day:


Project Contact: Alison Smith
Telephone: 705-444-6654
Website: Visit AGNORA Employee Health & Wellness Project Website

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