Georgian Triangle Hikers & Snowshoers

Project Description

The Georgian Triangle Hikers group was established in 2009 by Susan Brindisi to share her love of hiking with others. It was a practical way to make sure that for safety reasons she didn’t have to hike alone, and it’s also a great way to socialize and make friends. At over 400 members today, the group has certainly grown in popularity.

The group features several hikes each week which are posted on the Facebook page. Each year there is at least one overnight hike to an interesting place such as Lion’s Head or Bruce Peninsula National Park. Regular weekly hikes take place in the Georgian Triangle entered around Collingwood.

In the winter the group converts to snowshoes as needed with the same weekly hike schedule.


Collingwood, Ontario

Project Goal

To encourage healthy movement in nature.
To provide a social hub for area hikers to connect.
To provide information about hiking, snowshoeing and area hiking routes.

Current and Needed Partners

Good Energy Boot Camp


This project hopes to engage: 407 participants.

Date and Time

Start Date: 01/06/2009
End Date:

Time of Day: 18:00


Project Contact: Susan Brindisi
Website: Visit Georgian Triangle Hikers & Snowshoers Website

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