Move-ember Stair Climb

Project Description

Project Description: We wanted to take the Movember momentum and bring awareness and energy into the clinic. We set up a lego board and some fun lego pieces and invited a little friendly competition between ourselves and our clients. Every time any of us took the three flights of stairs (up only) to the clinic we got to add a block to our tower for the month of November. It took off and everyone got really involved. The clients won this round but because it is such an easy fun way to encourage us to keep moving, we are setting up a new challenge for the month of December 🙂


Maximum Physiotherapy Services, Huron Street, Collingwood, ON

Project Goal

To get everyone moving a little more than they might otherwise. We wanted to let our clients feel accomplished, and have fun doing it.

Current and Needed Partners


This project hopes to engage: 20 participants.

Date and Time

Start Date: 01/11/2016
End Date: 01/12/2016

Time of Day: 6 pm


Project Contact: Sue Underhill
Telephone: 705-444-3600
Website: Visit Move-ember Stair Climb Website

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