Women Strong – Pairs Competition

Project Description

Women Strong Pairs Competitions.
This competition is for Women only, pairs (teams of two) will be able to register in the Amateur, Semi Pro or RX division and compete in multiple workouts at the host affiliate.
CrossFit Indestri in Collingwood being one of the host affiliates.
This event will also be happening at multiple affiliates thoughout Canada on the same day. We will compete on an individual affiliate leaderboard as well as an overall Women Strong leaderboard.

Through this event we will be supporting our local women’s shelter.

Ladies find a partner, registration opens soon!

An event encouraging and inspiring, women empowering women through fitness.

An event brought to you by UG Series.


CrossFit Indestri, Mountain Road, Collingwood, ON

Project Goal

To bring together women to empower and inspire one another through a fun functional fitness competition in support of the local Collingwood Women's Shelter - My Friends House.

Encourage women to be active, strong, fit and healthy.

Current and Needed Partners

Squadron 71
Muscle Mlk


This project hopes to engage: 40 participants.

Date and Time

Start Date: 17/09/2016
End Date: 17/09/2016

Time of Day: 09:00


Project Contact: Jennifer Nichol
Email: jenugseries@gmail.com
Website: Visit Women Strong – Pairs Competition Website

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