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Project Description

Sailing School
Each year during the months of July and August you will see the little dinghies out in the Meaford Harbour and the sounds of children having a great deal of fun. Not only are they learning to sail, they are learning the value of teamwork, fair play and hard work to achieve a goal. The school uses the CANSail Dinghy Program developed by Sail Canada and currently offers Levels 1 through 4. We also have a racing program for students who want to try competing in a fun and supportive environment.

CANSail programming means lots of time on the water in a safe, fun and active learning environment with CanSail certified instructors delivering a standardized curriculum. Sailors learn new sailing skills and have fun and challenging experiences suited to their age and level of skill. The programming is designed to get – and keep – sailors excited about sailing for life!

The school provides summer employment for students who have obtained the necessary credentials from Sail Canada. Most of our instructors have gone through the school themselves and return as instructors who are passionate about sharing sailing with the new students. We also have a junior instructor program whereby students who are considering becoming instructors themselves can volunteer their time at the school and work directly with a certified instructor to obtain experience and also to decide if they would like to pursue their instructor status. Our instructors have to continually upgrade their skills through courses at Ontario Sailing in order to remain certified giving us a very highly qualified staff.

The school also provides great opportunities for anyone interested in volunteering and we have been blessed with the best! These wonderful people, both children and adults help set up the boats and docks in June and clean, varnish and repair equipment and take inventory before taking everything to storage at the end of August. Volunteers run our annual regatta, supervise children, distribute information, write news releases, help raise money, help with registration, bookkeeping and anything else that needs doing. There is never a shortage of work to be done but it is happy work and the smiles at the end of the day make it more than worthwhile.

We also provide sailing lessons for adults, giving everyone the opportunity to learn new skills and enjoy the time going out in our beautiful bay.


Meaford Harbour And Marine, Saint Vincent Street, Meaford, ON

Project Goal

Sailing is an amazing sport for kids. They can start as young as 7 years old, giving them skills for life. You are never to old to sail, and you can do it anywhere as long as there is water. The Canadian lakes, the Caribbean ocean, the Atlantic waves or the Mediterranean, sailing is a way to connect with others at home or in any other country.

What are the benefits of sailing?
– Sailing helps building self-confidence. When in a boat on the water, they will at times be out of their comfort zone, and learn to trust themselves.
– Sailing helps children to become independent. They will have to make decisions on their own, and will learn that they are capable of more than they might have thought.
– Sailing teaches organization. A boat must be rigged and de-rigged, and everything must be kept organized and tidy.
– It is outdoors! No better way to get to know the weather, connect with the elements, and spend time with your head in the wind.
– Spatial awareness. Steering and maneuvering a vessel teaches kids to be aware of their surroundings and how to react to things in front of them.
– Sense of direction. Sailing teaches geographic awareness as kids begin to understand wind direction and how to use a compass.
– And of course …. it’s fun! It’s fun to make new friends, learn new skills, and do fun activities on and off the water.

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This project hopes to engage: 200 participants.

Date and Time

Start Date: 03/07/2017
End Date: 25/08/2017

Time of Day: 9:00


Project Contact: Debra Gilas
Telephone: 226-668-2944
Website: Visit Sail Georgian Bay Website

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