Simcoe County Sliders Sledge Hockey Club

Project Description

What is Sledge Hockey?

Sledge hockey, also known as sled hockey in other countries, is an exciting alternative sport that was originally designed to allow individuals who have a physical disability to play the game of ice hockey.

Invented in the early 1960’s at a rehabilitation center in Sweden, ice sledge hockey is currently one of the most popular sports in the Paralympic Games!

Who We Are!

The Simcoe County Sliders Sledge hockey club was founded in 2013, by a group of devoted parent volunteers who have a passion for children and youth in Simcoe County. Our executive council is committed to furthering accessible education awareness in our community, and to creating recreational opportunities for individuals of all abilities. We are proud to be guided and supported by out families, friends and various agencies in the Simcoe county district.

Who Can Play?

Everyone! Sledge hockey is a sport that integrates players with physical mobility limitations, amputees, able-bodied players, and other varying abilities, making it a truly inclusive sport!

The Simcoe Sliders are currently looking for new players and coaches for the upcoming season!

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Collingwood, ON

Project Goal

To establish and expand the sport of Sledge hockey for young athletes with and without physical disabilities throughout the Simcoe County Area.

Current and Needed Partners


This project hopes to engage: participants.

Date and Time

Start Date: 15/12/2017
End Date:

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Project Contact: Darren Cunliffe
Telephone: 705-428-3692
Website: Visit Simcoe County Sliders Sledge Hockey Club Website

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