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The belief that death and dying are integral pieces of the life journey and that grieivng is the natural process of experiencing the multidimensional losses arising from the death of a loved one. i have chosen to create opportunities for people to engage freely and safely in convesations about this subject because our society is geared to sublimating the realities of death and grieving. i believe that life is enriched through open and candid conversations about death. This has proven to be true for me as a result of the nearly 20 Death Cafes i’ve participated in.


Ashanti Coffee Collingwood, First Street, Collingwood, ON

Project Goal

We've been holding Death Cafes because of our stong feelings that death is a subject that needs more open discussion and consideration. As founder Jon Underwood would say, Death cafe breathes life into the consideration of and discussion about death and dying. Many people long to be able to speak with others about one or more dimensions of death, dying and grieving. Family members and friends often don't share that interest. Death Cafes fill that need in a warm and convivial setting.

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Project Contact: Jake McArthur
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