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Submission Criteria

Do you have an idea, project, event or class that promotes healthy active living? Please feel free to submit it here at the Collingwood 150 project website. Our goal is to make it the one stop shop for at least 150 health and wellbeing projects and resources for the community. We have provided some ideas and suggested criteria below for the four categories, food, nature, recreation and motion. If in doubt about whether your idea meets the criteria, please go ahead and submit and we will get back to you! 


It's been said "you are what you eat" and awareness of the relationship of diet and health is at an all time high. If you have a project, event, seminar or other food related activity to promote please submit it here! The Collingwood 150 project aims to become a repository of health and wellbeing resources sourced from the community. Please help us promote healthy food and dietary choices with your submission(s). 

Some project ideas:

  • Community garden initiatives
  • Nutritional education events, classes, seminars, informational resources
  • Markets or sources offering or promoting organic food
  • Studies and reports on healthy eating
  • Healthy eating support groups
  • Information sessions, sources, events etc from the medical community


The Japanese call it "forest bathing" when they go out into the forest to relax in nature. There is something to be said about clearing the mind from all sources of stress and worry and feel the warm sun shining down through the trees and breath the fresh air. It's a scientifically proven fact based on the measurement of chemical changes in the brain! Please help us promote health via exposure to nature, and preserving nature in our community with your submission(s). 

Some project ideas:

  • Trail maintenance and creation
  • Watershed protection
  • Hiking and other activities that get people out into nature
  • Informational events, seminars, activism 
  • Any ideas that promote the enjoyment and preservation of our natural spaces


Recreation is a human need often overlooked in our programmed and busy lives. It is important to make time for recreation to provide the needed balance and prevent over-working and it's negative effects on our health. The Collingwood 150 project includes this vital category and we hope to build a directory of recreational opportunities via your submission(s). 

Some project ideas and examples:

  • Film Festivals, plays, concerts
  • Clubs
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • The Labyrinth 
  • Meditation
  • Sports teams


Motion is definitely a popular category in the town of Collingwood because of the many active living opportunities the area affords. The area is blessed with access to ski hills, a vast freshwater bay and an extensive network of trails to name a few. Besides the physical attributes of the area there is a strong supporting community of people involved in every aspect of movement through sports clubs, fitness groups and in supporting health care.  Please share your movement based events, projects, clubs or other opportunities with us. 

Some project ideas and examples:

  • Clubs such as hiking, running, skiing, golf, sailing, paddling, climbing, tai chi (and many many more!)
  • Races or competitions (running, cycling, triathlon, cross-fit, paddling and more)
  • Informational events on active living
  • Ski days, golf days, fundraising through physical pursuits
  • Youth activity programs

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